• Hair loss is frequently frustrating, occurring in all types of people for all types of reasons. Many who suffer from this condition are unsure of where to turn for help. Luckily, with a physician's assistance, there are treatment options.


    According to Dr. Michael S. Lehrer, of the University of Pennsylvania, it is normal to shed as many as 50 to 100 hairs every day. However, hair loss beyond this amount is considered abnormal and may invite treatment.


    Hair loss, which is called alopecia, has a number of causes. The Mayo Clinic lists some of these causes as heredity, scarring on the hair follicle, autoimmune disease, emotional distress, nutritional deficiencies, weight loss, metabolic disturbances, medications and hormonal changes--but these are just a few of the causes of alopecia.


    If you are experiencing severe hair loss, the best first step is mention your problem to your primary care physician, to determine the cause and potential treatments for your alopecia. Your doctor may choose to refer you to a specialist. If you would prefer, you could also begin solving your hair loss problem by consulting a dermatologist.


    Depending on the diagnosis of the cause of alopecia, a doctor may prescribe a medication treatment, like Rogaine or Corticosteroids. However, there are more invasive forms of treatment, including surgical hair transplants or scalp reduction--these surgeries are performed by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Non-invasive treatments are also available, like wigs or hairpieces.


    To help prevent or reduce hair loss, the Mayo Clinic recommends maintaining a balanced diet, being gentle when styling your locks, avoiding styles that pull hair too tightly or trying an over-the-counter growth product. Other options for masking hair thinning include wearing scarves or hats.


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