• As with most other management positions, the health care manager helps a health care facility run smoothly and efficiently. Also known as the health care administrator, the health care manger has several important duties.


    The health care manager is responsible for supervising the staff at the health care facility. While some administrators may oversee every department, other administrators may only be responsible for specific departments, such as marketing, finance or nursing.


    Not only is the health care manager responsible for supervising the staff, but also addressing any issues that arise. The manager needs to educate and train employees to correctly and effectively perform their job responsibilities.


    The health care manager must ensure that patients remain safe and comfortable while visiting the health care facility. Safety concerns include physical, emotional and mental safety, along with ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality.

    Human Resources

    One of the main duties of the health care administrator is in the human resources department. The administrator will be responsible for staffing, training and addressing all employee issues.


    Health care administrators are constantly looking for ways to minimize the facility's costs, without jeopardizing quality patient care. The administrator is responsible for ensuring the facility's financial standing remains stable and consistent.


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