• Mange is an itchy, unsightly skin disease in animals, particularly dogs, the can be controlled by dipping the patient in a chemical bath that kills the mites that cause the condition.

    What is Mange?

    Mange, also called canine scabies, is caused by mites. Sarcoptic mites are microscopic and burrow into an animal, demodex mites commonly settle in the hair follicles of puppies, and cheyletiella mites walk on an animal's skin, according to

    Mange Sites

    Mange mites most often attack a dog's ears, feet and face. Mange mites, however, can be found throughout an animal's body and cause bare patches all over.


    Animals with immune systems compromised by genetics or disease are most likely to contract mange, which is a parasitic disease that healthy animals are more able to fight. Also, animals raised in unsanitary conditions are more likely to get mange.

    Dips and Solutions

    Mange is treated either by dipping the entire body into an insecticide or by dipping or spraying infected parts of an animal's body. A lime-sulphur solution is effective against sarcoptic manage, while Amitraz, a topical agent, often treats demodectic mange, according to

    Home Remedies

    Natural Dog Health recommends spraying diluted garlic oil, which contains sulphur, on mangy dogs. A solution of lavendar, neem and almond oils also makes an effective skin rinse.

    Source: Dips for Mange Mange and Other Dog Ailments

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