• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Renters don't need home warranties

    A home warranty is, in effect, an insurance policy on the major appliances and mechanical systems such as the furnace, water heater, central air conditioner, plumbing and electrical. It's typically offered by the home seller to inspire the confidence of prospective buyers. A home warranty can also be purchased by homeowners for their own protection. But if you're renting, it's usually the responsibility of your landlord to assume the cost of maintaining major systems. Therefore, you don't need to invest in a home warranty.

    On the Other: Insure your personal belongings

    While renters needn't worry about assuming the financial burden for major appliances or mechanical systems, you should make every effort to financially protect your own belongings. Fire, theft, vandalism, freezing pipes or other unplanned events could cost you plenty if your personal property isn't covered, so be sure to look into renters insurance.

    Bottom Line

    It's important to protect your investments, but when you're renting, the investment isn't the home, apartment or condo in which you live--it's your personal belongings within that space. Focus on renters insurance rather than worrying about purchasing a home warranty.


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    More Information:

    Home warranty may be an incentive for buyers

  • most home warranties are transferable
  • You don't need homeowners insurance on the house. You would need renter's insurance on your personal belongings.
  • you're a renter the land lord should be maintaining the building you don't need any warranty.
  • You can and most are also transferable when you sell your home.

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