• Toe nail fungus is the growth of fungi around or underneath the toenail. Nail fungus, like all fungus, thrives in wet, warm and dark conditions. It is particularly a problem on toes because they are in these conditions more commonly than other parts of the body.

    Public Swimming and Fitness Areas

    Walking barefoot in public locker rooms, showers or other wet areas where the fungus can thrive puts your feet at risk of contacting fungal spores.

    Damaged Nails

    Walking with an exposed cut on the foot or a damaged nail leaves the toe unprotected against fungal infection.


    Sometimes footwear can be a hotbed for fungus growth. Be sure to wear well-ventilated shoes and breathable socks, preferably natural cotton, to hinder fungus growth.


    Don't share towels, shoes, socks or other linens with others that may have been exposed to a fungal infection on their body.

    Foot Hygeine

    Poor hygiene in general can be responsible for the development of toe nail fungus. Wash feet, toes and toenails regularly, especially after walking barefoot outdoors.


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