• There are a number of reasons for baldness in women, the most common of which is female pattern hair loss. However, various medical conditions and hormonal imbalances contribute to this as well.


    Female pattern hair loss occurs around the entire top of the head, versus hair loss at the temple, which occurs in males. It can occur at any point in a female's life, according to WebMD.


    Treatments for baldness in females include changes in diet to a more balanced and nutritious eating regimen; vitamins, including B12, which contributes to hair growth and is one of the vitamins in which many women are deficient; laser rejuvenation therapy, which involves use of lasers to provide light energy to the hair follicles; topical treatments, such as Rogaine; and hair transplants.


    Before pursuing medical intervention, make lifestyle changes first and get a complete physical to rule out an underlying medical condition.


    The cost of treatment varies, depending on which method you utilize. You may spend as little as $5 on a bottle of vitamins to thousands of dollars on hair transplant surgery.


    Depending on the reason for the baldness, some treatments might work better than others. In extreme cases, treatment may not work at all, and females must pursue other methods, such as wigs or attachable hair pieces.


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