• Court records are an important source of information available to the public. Knowing where to look means understanding court jurisdictions and courthouse locations.


    There are two overlapping court jurisdictions throughout the country: state and federal. Each state has its own court system organized by county. Every state also has at least one federal district court and some have as many as four, such as California and Texas.

    Federal Courts

    Federal district court records are readily available online through the federal PACER website. The records of every district court in the country are accessible from the site for a reasonable fee.

    State Courts

    State courts are organized by county and just about every county court in the country will have a website, some of which will even have a searchable database of court records.

    Online Sources

    There are several commercial companies that are database aggregators who compile public records information, including available court records. Companies such as GAPRS and Intelius provide a search of these records for a fee.

    On-site Searches

    Not all state court records are available online, even through database aggregators, and the only way to search these records will be an on-site records search at the local courthouse. You can perform such a search yourself or use a local search company who will do it for you for a fee.


    U.S. Federal Courts

    National Center For State Courts


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