• According to pediatrician Dr. Greene, organic headaches occur in children when they wake up in the morning. The headaches are usually caused by an underlying problem such as lead poisoning or meningitis.


    According to Dr. Greene's website, organic headaches aren't very common and occur in children in the early morning when they wake. Unlike migraines, organic headaches might be signs of pressure in the skull, among other things.

    Potential Causes

    According to Greene, organic headaches can be caused by meningitis, lead poisoning, hydrocephalus or brain tumors.


    Greene says vomiting, weakness, numbness, visual loss, changes in behavior and difficulty walking are all symptoms of an organic headache.


    The length of the headache usually depends on the underlying cause, according to Greene, and treatment is aimed at the underlying disorder.


    Children complaining of constant headaches should visit a pediatrician. According to Greene, the parent should keep track of not only when the headaches occur but also where the pain is felt and what helps lessen the pain. Children with persistent headaches should get an MRI or CT scan.

    Source: Headache

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