• It may simply be possible that you are not yet in the right place. Give it time and you will find yours.
  • Because you're unique and people don't appreciate you.
  • I don't know. Without knowing or seeing you it's impossible to give you an answer or any suggestions. I'm sorry you're feeling this way.
  • Maybe because your fat. Just kidding. You decide if you fit in or not. If you think that you fit in, then you fit in. If you don't think that you fit in, then you don't fit in.
  • You feel the same way a lot of people feel - So your not alone
  • A lot of us feel the same way, it is lack of self confidence more than anything
  • You do! What makes you think you don't? Whatever it it, THAT'S what holding you back. See? YOU are being your worst enemy, and until you make friends with, and start liking YOURSELF FIRST, no one else can! What you think and feel about yourself is what other people see and feel about you, and that's what they react to. The ONLY WAY to change your life is to start from the INSIDE out. Like and accept yourself, as you would any friend. Be kind and "fit in" with yourself, and others will respond to you the same way because THAT is what you will be "showing" to them! Be brave! You CAN do this!
  • i m sure that a lot of people have asked themselves that very same question,einstien,ghandi,issac newton,george bush.
  • you shouldn't want to fit in. i discovered by not caring what other people think about or say about me, i can live more true to myself. I think people who don't care what others think gain much more respect that way too. I'm sure you a wonderful the way you are!!!! I love meeting new people getting to know their little habits and what makes them different.
  • maybe youre trying to fit in with the wrong people

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