• Using a printer on a home network allows several computers to use one printer to print documents. There are two ways to set up a network. You can set up a wireless network that is connected by wireless network adapters through a wireless router. Or you can connect the computers with ethernet cables through a wired router. Nevertheless, connecting a work laptop to a wired or wireless home network is easy.

    Accessing a Home Network

    Most laptops come with network adapters built in. However, if your laptop does not come with a network adapter, you can buy one at any major electronics store. Buy a "plug and play"-enabled USB network adapter so you do not have to install any software from the network adapter manufacturer. Connect the network adapter to your laptop's USB port. Go to the "Start" menu on your laptop and select the "Control Panel." Access the "Network and Sharing Center" in the Control Panel. Select "Printer Sharing" and then click on "Turn on Printer Sharing." Click "Apply" to save the changes you made to your computer. Go to "View Computers and Devices" and click on "Add Printer." Then, select "Add Wireless Printer." A window will appear displaying your printer. If you have more than one printer on your home network, the others will also appear here. Select the printer that you want to access and click "Finish." Now your laptop can print through the printer on your home network. Test the connection by printing a page.

    Accessing a Wired Home Network

    Connect an ethernet cable from the router to the ethernet port on your laptop. You do not need any software to enable this connection; it's just like the plug and play network adapters. Go to the "Control Panel" and click on "Printers and Faxes." On the window that appears, click on "Add a Printer," which is on the upper left side of the window. When you click on "Add a Printer," the installation wizard will pop up. Click "Next" and then the wizard will ask you if the computer is a "Local printer attached to this computer" or a "Network printer, or a printer attached to another computer." Click the network printer option and click "Next." On the next screen, click "Next," which will make the installation wizard scan your home network for printers. After that, select your printer from the list that appears. If you have more than one printer on your network, the others will also appear here. Click on the printer that you want to use and then click "Next." Confirm the changes you have made by clicking "Finish." Your laptop is now connected to your home network's printer.


    Tech-Faq: Wireless Printer Networking

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