• Dell LCD monitors are very similar in nature. The back light on a Dell monitor is controlled by a menu called the OCD menu, which controls all coloring and lightening for the monitor. Pressing the OCD menu button will allow you to change the look of your monitor's back light. This is a very easy process and can be done in a few minutes.

    OCD Menu

    Display the OCD menu by pushing the button on the monitor. If you have trouble locating the correct button, look for the button with a lined sheet of paper printed on it. The menu will give various choices that will allow you to adjust your monitor settings. The back light is mainly controlled by the "brightness" option. You can also adjust the back light by changing the "contrast" value.

    Adjusting Levels

    Highlight the brightness option on the OCD menu. A new screen dedicated to brightness will pop up. Click on the "+" or "-" icons to increase or decrease the brightness values. Normal back light brightness values are around 75. Contrast deals with the saturation of items on your monitor and can affect the back light of your LCD monitor. Again, click on the contrast menu option and change the values by clicking on the "+" and "-" icons. Normal contrast for the back light is around 50.


    Examine your monitor carefully. If all words and pictures are completely visible, and if the color saturation is to your liking, click the "Exit" option. Press the OCD menu button on the monitor once more to exit the menu. If this process did not solve your back light issues, you may have a hardware problem and may need to contact Dell directly for technical support.

    Source: A Simple Back Light Fix

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