• Cell phones might be cheaper and easier to replace than they used to be, but losing one is still a hassle. You have to notify your service provider and try to rebuild your list of contacts and their phone numbers. Before buying a new phone and restoring all the data it stored, try as hard as you can to locate the phone. For those with Internet access, services found online can also increase your chances of success.

    First Steps

    Before searching for your lost phone, consider where you might have misplaced it. Identify the last time you were certain your cell phone was in your possession, and try to recollect every place that you visited since then. Begin to retrace your steps through all the places where you might have left your cell phone. The more proactive you are in searching for your cell phone, the greater the chances you will find it on your own. When visiting stores, talk to store managers to see if any customers or employees have found a missing cell phone. Make sure to check your vehicle and all belongings.

    Call the Phone

    Call your missing cell phone while searching. You should be able to hear your cell phone ring if you are in the general vicinity, even if the cell phone is covered and produces a muffled sound. If you do not have another telephone line with which to call from, but you are near a computer with Internet access, you can use online calling services, such as You will need to enter both the area code and cell phone number. Whenever possible, make sure your ringer is activated and set to full volume. This will increase your ability to hear the ringtone when searching for a lost phone.

    GPS Tracking

    Equip your cell phone with GPS tracking software to increase your future ability to locate your cell phone if you lose it. Contact your manufacturer to find out if your cell phone is GPS enabled, and then download the appropriate software through your cell phone's browser. You will also need to make sure that your billing plan enables you to send data, which is how the GPS signal is sent. Make sure you possess a compatible GPS receiver to locate your GPS-enabled cell phone.

    Serial Number Tracking

    Register your cell phone's serial number with a serial number tracking service to help locate your lost cell phone. Free databases online will allow you to enter the serial number only; if someone finds your phone and enters your serial number into the same database, you'll receive a notification. Pay services include greater theft protection and retrieval from local police forces. Your cell phone's serial number can be found on the original packaging.


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