• In a team teacher setting, the classroom consists of a regular teacher and a special education teacher or specialist operating side by side. Effective team teachers minimize differences in teaching styles and instead emphasize principles and work ethic.


    A solid team teaching classroom practices teamwork. For example, each teacher may share in the teaching of content, or the special education teacher may concentrate on discipline while the main teacher focuses on the material. Successful team teachers work together to accomplish these goals.


    Effective team teachers communicate with each other to discuss the effectiveness of teaching methods and consider any raw data, such as test scores, that suggest otherwise. Successful team members keep discussion topics geared toward student success and minimize personality differences.


    Team teachers share a goal or vision using empathy and listening skills to support each other.

    Student success

    Team teachers work together to achieve student success, so the most important focus of team teaching is to share skills and talents with each other to make that happen. For example, a teacher may ask for help from a district supervisor in setting up a workshop to improve teacher effectiveness in a particular aspect of teaching math.


    Teachers work with other teachers in the same discipline from different grade levels to provide consistent instruction across the board. So, effective team teaching does not just occur within the same classroom but in meetings as well.


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