• Androsterone is a type of male sex hormone or androgen produced naturally by the testes. Despite its use as a medicine to treat some types of hormonal deficiencies in men, androsterone has the potential to cause side effects.


    Side effects of androgens like androsterone include acne, changes in sexual desire, diarrhea, scalp hair loss, increase in pubic hair growth, nervousness, stomach pain and insomnia.

    Drug Interactions

    Certain drugs pose an increased risk of side effects when taken with androsterone, including the anticoagulants acenocoumarol and warfarin, the antidepressant bupropion, the cholesterol medicines lovastatin and simvastatin and the chemotherapy drug paclitaxel, reports the Mayo Clinic.


    Androgens such as androsterone are known to cause liver problems, such as benign tumors, liver cancer and hepatitis, warns the Mayo Clinic. Other risks associated with the synthetic hormones include the onset of prostate cancer and disruptions in sperm production.


    A number of androsterone supplements are sold as natural products for weight gain and body building, but these products contain androgens and are produced overseas where the medications are obtainable without a prescription, warns the Mayo Clinic.


    If you have a history of breast cancer, diabetes, edema, kidney or liver disease, prostate enlargement or heart disease, it may not be safe for you to take androsterone, cautions the Mayo Clinic.

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