• MonaVie juice is a fruit-based health drink that contains blended concentrates of fruits and the acai berry. Monarch Health Sciences, the name behind MonaVie, claims that the juice supplies antioxidants, minerals, fiber and vitamins to the body.


    The key ingredient is the acai berry in various forms, including freeze-dried acai powder, concentrated acai juice and acai puree. Concentrated juices of other fruits are blended with the acai extracts.


    Drinking 1 oz. of the juice twice a day (morning and night) may improve health, boost immunity and cleanse the colon of impurities.

    Allergic Reactions

    The juice contains extracts of 18 different fruits, so consequently, if a person is allergic to any of them they could experience a reaction.

    Rashes and Diarrhea

    Side effects are rare with natural products, but they can cause mild rashes and diarrhea. If symptoms are particularly severe you should stop consuming MonaVie juice and consult a doctor.


    Although the company says the juice is safe for diabetics, it advises them to consult their doctors before making any changes to their diet.


    Acai Berry Blog: MonaVie Juice Review

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