• Moth balls contain the chemicals naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. They are primarily used as a pesticide but have other uses as well, according to a Reader's Digest article, "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things."

    Repelling Moths

    Moth balls most are most commonly known for repelling moths from wool clothing and other items that are being stored.

    Sweater Rinse

    According to Reader's Digest, using a few dissolved moth balls in a final rinse of your sweaters and other wool clothing prior to storage can provide additional protection.


    Moth balls are used in potted plants to eliminate bugs. Reader's Digest suggests sealing the plant with the moth balls in a clear plastic bag for a week.

    Mouse Deterrent

    Placing moth balls in your garage or shed will repel mice, according to Reader's Digest.


    Moth balls scattered in your garden or flower bed with keep dogs, cats and rodents out of them.


    Preventing bats from living in your attic is accomplished with a few moth balls in your storage boxes as well as scattered around the attic. Reader's Digest indicates that they also work to keep silverfish away.


    Uses of Moth Balls

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