• A cutaneous yeast infection is one that affects the skin of a dog. Recognizing the symptoms, causes and treatment options of this disorder will benefit the health of your dog.


    The symptoms of the cutaneous yeast infection include the dog constantly itching its skin and flakes coming off when it does. The skin may appear crusty/rashy and smell.


    The dog may develop a yeast infection because it's not immune to yeast infections or because it has very oily skin due to allergies or lack of bathing.


    The dog will be diagnosed with cutaneous yeast infection once the veterinarian examines it and takes a sample of the skin to identify the yeast.


    Treatment for this type of infection can include oral anti-fungal medications, shampoos or ointments. The treatment may take days to weeks to cure the infection.


    If you suspect your dog has a cutaneous yeast infection, seek advice from a professional to get proper treatment options.


    Skin Disorders and Problems of Dogs

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