• Chimpanzees are more social than many other animals. Consequently, they mate and touch one another regularly. It takes many years for chimpanzees to reach sexual maturity, and when they do, they begin to exhibit mating behavior.


    Young chimpanzees live with their mothers until they can act completely independently, which is around the age of eight. Females are able to mate at about age 13 and males at age 16.

    Mating Cycle

    A female is able to mate about every 34 to 36 days. When a female chimpanzee is ready to mate, the skin around her bottom swells and turns pink. Females remain fertile for their entire lives.

    Courtship Behavior

    Male chimpanzees may shake tree branches or display erect genitalia if they are ready to mate.

    Mating Preferences

    Male chimpanzees prefer to mate with older, rather than younger, females. Young females may have to do more work to gain a male's attention, and males may fight over older females.


    Typically, a pregnant female gives birth to only one baby chimpanzee at a time, which typically will be totally dependent upon the mother until the age of two or three.


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