• Computer animation is an industry that continues to develop by leaps and bounds as technology excels. There are several skills and training requirements necessary for starting a career in this field.


    One requirement for becoming a computer animator is creativity. You have to be able to think creatively, come up with new ideas and think of ways to make those ideas come to fruition.


    You also need a clear understanding of computer technology in order to have a future in the computer animation industry.


    Communication skills are also a valuable resource in the computer animation industry. The preproduction process requires face time with coworkers and clients to determine what the end result will be, and you need the ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas.


    Start with a basic foundation in art and computer technology. Attending an accredited technical school or college and studying graphic design and computer animation can increase your chances at obtaining a job in the computer animation industry.


    While it is possible to obtain the skills necessary for a career in computer animation on your own through online tutorials and self-taught means, Career Toolkits states that this avenue can be a long process and recommends attending a school with programs specifically designed for this career choice.


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