• Table settings, or place settings, are the combination of flatware, serving ware, stemware, linen and decorative items that make up a single diner's area at a table. Table settings enhance the dining experience and come in a variety of styles.


    The basic necessity of a table setting is to provide the needed utensils for a diner to eat. A combination of flatware (forks, knives, spoons), serving ware (plates, bowls, chargers), stemware (wine glasses, water glasses, cocktail glasses), and linens (paper of cloth napkins) compose a proper table setting.


    The items placed as the setting should correspond with the types of food that will be served. For example, if the meal includes a shrimp dish, a small shrimp fork should be included among the flatware. On the other hand, if the meal does not include soup, there is no need to include a spoon or bowl as part of the table setting.


    Table settings can be casual or extremely elegant. A basic white china serving ware set is versatile and can be placed with fine linen napkins and crystal stemware on a silver charger plate to create a classic fancy table setting. On the other hand, white china can also be set with simple tumbler glasses and red paper napkins for a more casual outdoor place setting. Decorative items at the table setting such as flowers, place cards, or festooned napkin rings can add to the styling of the setting.


    A proper table setting allows for a more enjoyable dining experience. Having all the necessary serving ware and flatware items placed at the table make repeat trips to the kitchen obsolete. And decorative touches at each place creates a festive environment for family and guests.

    Fun Fact

    A table setting can be customized for any occasion using appropriate color and decor choices. For example, the White House State Dinner given for the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2009 included gold embellished charger plates a traditional Indian hues and each place setting.


    White House State Dinner Place Setting

    Basic White China

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