• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Could be Toxic

    A French drain captures ground and rain water and directs it away from homes in order to reduce the chances of flooding. This water might fall directly from the sky, might wash off from roofs and walls, or might just seep up from the ground. Because of the various pathways that this water might take to get into the French drain, it might become contaminated with chemicals that could be harmful to the vegetation in a rain garden.

    On the Other: Natural Filters

    French drains capture water that has usually been filtered through any number of natural filters. These filters might consist of dirt, vegetation or rocks. These filters naturally clean out pollutants, often watering them down in the process to the point that pollutants become harmless. Because of this, the water from French drains can be directed to both rain gardens and other types of garden plants with little worry.

    Bottom Line

    Most experts recommend that folks make the effort to understand where the water going into a French drain comes from. In other words, will the French drain be gathering runoff from construction sites or roads? Or will the drain be gathering regular runoff from homes and their surroundings? If you live in a residential area, the water from your French drain should be perfectly safe for your rain garden.


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