• Heatstroke is one of the heat illnesses; others include heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat rash, according to Medline Plus. This is the most severe form of heat illness, according to the Mayo Clinic, and may result in death.


    Heatstroke happens when sweating, which is a natural cooling mechanism, cannot keep pace with heat. This is why the body temperature greatly increases, normally to more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    Main Symptoms

    In addition to high temperature, people having a sunstroke may be confused and may even lose consciousness or go into a coma; the skin is hot and dry, although it may be wet if the person was working, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    Other Symptoms

    The other symptoms of heatstroke include, according to the Mayo Clinic: high heartbeat, fast and shallow breathing, changes in blood pressure, stopping sweating, dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, nausea and fainting.


    The complications of heatstroke include going into shock and suffering temporary or permanent damage to the brain and other organs; heatstroke can be fatal if left untreated, according to the Mayo Clinic.


    First aid measures are key in controlling heat stroke. These include, according to the Mayo Clinic: calling 9-1-1; moving the person to a shaded, cool place; lowering the person's body temperature with damp sheet or cool water and air; and giving the person cool beverages with no alcohol or caffeine.


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