• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: About Dog Clippers

    Made to cut through the thicker hair found on dogs, dog hair clippers are more durable than human hair clippers and normally have higher motor speeds. According to dog clippers designated as "heavy-duty" or "professional" clippers are preferable to use. The professional clippers are more expensive but well worth the investment.

    On the Other: How Human Clippers Compare

    Human hair clippers are lighter in weight and better suited for light-duty cutting. They are likely to quickly overheat and become jammed if used on dog hair. Due to having a less powerful motor, human clippers are normally quieter than dog clippers.

    Bottom Line

    Dog clippers and human clippers are more different than they are similar. Each is designed for their specified uses.


    Dog Clippers: Trimmed Down to a Science

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