• Candles tend to be a staple in most every home, providing a fresh aroma for a more pleasant and relaxing environment. Mia Bella Candles are among the many popular brands available.


    Mia Bella Candles are made of vegetable wax. This makes them usable for individuals with environmental allergies because the natural wax produces no carcinogens.


    Distributors of Mia Bella Candles claim that the product burns cleaner, leaving no residue or soot on the candle jar or walls. Additionally, distributors state that you can clean up these candle wax spills using only soap and water.


    Available products include 26- and 16-oz. jar candles, 2.5-oz. votive candles, cinnamon bun candles, pie candles, simmer pots, melts and car air fresheners.


    There are more than 90 Mia Bella Candle scents, including banana nut bread, French vanilla, Japanese pear, rain, sandalwood, harvest time, snowberry pine and fresh linen.


    Mia Bella Candles are not available through retail stores but through network marketing distribution. Business opportunities are available to anyone interested in selling Mia Bella products through catalog and in-home sales.


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