• Kippot are important to Jewish faith and culture. The wearing of the kippah is a sacred act showing man's relation to God. This tradition is borne out of ancient times recorded in the Talmud. Its practice is still carried out to this day.

    Important Word Usage

    The names of the skull caps which Jews wear can be confusing. The Yiddish word for it is "yarmulke" and pronounced as "yammica," The Hebrew word for the skull cap is "kippah" and pronounced as "keypah." The plural of "kippah" is "kippot."

    Prayer Ritual

    It is an ancient custom for Jews to put on their skull caps during prayer. This is done to show reverence to God.


    It is a pious act to cover the head at all times to show subservience to god, however, not all Jews wear the kippah at all times. During Roman rule, the Jews would wear the kippah to show that they were servants of God. In medieval times, the Jews wore the kippah to remind them that God is always above them.

    Special Occasions

    Jewish men and boys wear kippot while speaking God's name, while reciting a blessing, during study and while in a synagogue or yeshiva. Jews also wear kippot during special occasions at cemeteries, shiva houses or weddings.


    The practice of wearing a kippah comes from biblical times. All priests would cover their heads when entering the temple. Wearing of the kippah is not mandated in the Talmud, yet many Jewish men and boys do so out of reverence.


    Judaism 101: Signs and Symbols Ideas and Beliefs: the Kippah (Skull Cap)

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