• Pregnancy can trigger health conditions not normally present, like hypertension. It is the most common problem during pregnancy according to, a clinical reference website for physicians. Since gestational hypertension can affect blood flow to the placenta, there are several medications---in combination with self-care measures---that can keep blood pressure under control.


    Doctors prefer to use medications containing methyldopa or nifedinpine for hypertension during pregnancy. With the exception of ACE-inhibitors, medications used to treat high blood pressure in normal circumstances are appropriate for pregnant women. If you have severely high blood pressure, you will receive an intravenous drip of magnesium sulfate.


    Not all women with gestational hypertension will require drug treatment. Mild high blood pressure typically does not pose any risks for more serious complications. Your doctor will recommend treatment if your blood pressure rises above 160/100.

    Bed Rest

    If your blood pressure continues to rise through your pregnancy, your doctor may recommend bed rest or restricted activity. The length of bed rest or restricted activity varies depending on how far along you are or how serious your condition is. You'll be told to lie on your side for most of the day because this takes the pressure of your heavy uterus off the vena cava, the large vein that returns blood from your lower body to your heart.


    Certain supplements might provide benefit and keep blood pressure from rising, but research has only shown modest benefit. Talk to your doctor before using anything. They include acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), calcium, magnesium and fish oil.


    If you have severe gestational hypertension, you will need hospitalization to monitor your condition as well as the condition of your baby. If you're at 34 weeks or more, you'll be induced or delivered by c-section. If you're not at 34 weeks, you'll be given corticosteroids to speed the development of your baby's lungs and other organs.



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