• A custom embroidered patch can make a statement. Businesses often use custom patches on uniforms for their employees, but other people may wish to have a custom designed patch for their own personal use. Certainly, embroidered patches are popular on motorcycle jackets and on jeans. Creating a custom embroidered patch can be done three ways--have it made for you, use an embroidery machine or hand embroider it.

    Hand-Embroidered Patches

    Embroidery was done by hand long before it was done by machines. To make your own patch by hand requires a little artistic talent and knowing how to embroider. Start by using a heavy felt or other nonfraying, sturdy fabric for the base of the patch. Cut it out in the appropriate shape. Mark the design on the fabric using pens. Then with a needle and embroidery floss, fill in the design.

    Machine-Embroidered Patches

    You can buy an embroidery machine, although that will cost hundreds of dollars. Inexpensive ones generally start around $300 with fancier ones running upwards of $900. Simpler machines tend to be limited in what designs they can do. So for something completely custom, you'd need to buy a machine that can read in a design, often off a memory stick via a USB port. Or they may connect directly to your computer. Brother makes numerous models of embroidery machines to consider.

    Custom Embroidered Patches

    By far the easiest method (and much cheaper than buying an embroidery machine) is to simply have someone else make your patch. Most custom patch manufacturers do not even require the art to be in perfect form. If you can give them an approximation, a sketch of what you're thinking of, they will typically work up the artwork for you as well. This way, if you are designing a custom patch for your organization or even just your group of friends, you can have identical patches made quickly. You can find sources for custom embroidered patches online (see References).

    Source: Free Embroidery Instructions

    Brother Embroidery Machines

    Custom Embroidered Patches

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