• A catechism is a series of questions and answers designed to teach an individual the principles of a belief system or religion. The Westminster Catechism outlines the doctrines of the Presbyterian (reformed) church. There are two forms of the Westminster Catechism.

    Assembly of Divines

    In July of 1643, an assembly of divines gathered in England to organize the church and set the governance and disciplines of the church.

    Westminster Assembly

    The Westminster Assembly met in 1644 and began to draft the doctrines of the Church, on such topics as discipline, government and worship.

    Westminster Larger Catechism

    The Larger Catechism is the more comprehensive of the two catechisms. It has 196 questions. It was approved in 1648 by both the Assembly of Divines and the Church of Scotland.

    Shorter Catechism

    The Shorter Catechism contains fewer questions (107) than the Larger and is designed for those just entering the reformed faith and for children.


    The questions in the Westminster Catechisms can be divided into several categories: God the Creator, the nature of sin, redemption, the 10 Commandments, baptism and the Lord's Prayer.


    A History of the Westminster Assembly

    Westminster Larger Catechism

    Westminster Shorter Catechism

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