• Hair loss in dogs, such as what occurs in shedding, can be a normal occurrence. However, hair loss may be abnormal, which can signal a problem. If your dog is losing patches of hair, the condition may be from one of several possible issues.

    Dermatitis Caused by Fleas

    This is a common issue in the South. Fleas are attracted to the area just before the base of the tail. So, if you notice a brittle, broken hair coat in this vicinity, a stinky odor and small particles (resembling pepper) that stain a wet paper towel, then fleas must be involved.

    Canine Atopy

    Canine atopy is an allergic reaction to particles dogs breathe in the environment that cause them to itch. Therefore, they scratch, which causes hair loss.

    Pyotraumatic Dermatitis

    Pyotraumatic dermatitis is a problem in dogs that have long, thick, oily coats. Intense itching occurs. The dogs consistently scratch, and then the area becomes raw, wet and inflamed.

    Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange

    Mange is a genetic disease in which a parasite resides in the hair and oil glands of a dog and multiplies. This disease causes hair loss.

    Other Causes

    Additional causes of hair loss in dogs include ringworm, nervousness, stress and food allergies.

    Source: Why Is My Dog Losing Its Hair?

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