• A health-care directive is a document prepared in advance by a person that describes what medical treatments he wants and provides the name of a guardian in case of a serious illness or injury.


    A health-care directive allows medical professionals to provide you with treatments that conform with your wishes by reviewing a document made before you were incapacitated.

    Making One

    Creating a document of your health-care wishes can include anything that is legal according to state and local law. The directive is considered valid when you date and sign it and it is notarized.


    Your desire for treatment will be available to doctors and surgeons without them having to guess based on speaking with you or loved ones.


    A medical provider may not follow certain guidelines if they do not coincide with current medical practice.


    Inform significant others and family of the document, and be sure to review it occasionally to see that it matches your future wishes.


    Minnesota Rules on Health Care Directives

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