• Nebulizer therapy converts medicine into a mist that may be breathed by the patient. Nebulizers are more commonly used by people unable to operate a metered dose inhaler (MDI). In some cases, this includes younger and older individuals.

    Nebulizer Therapy

    The nebulizer is a delivery method for drugs prescribed by the doctor. The compressed air vaporizes the medicine, allowing the patient to breathe the mist and absorb the medication through the lungs.

    Operating the Nebulizer

    Place the medicine in the nebulizer cup and attach the face mask or mouthpiece to the cup. A light mist will become visible in the mask after the compressor is turned on. Sit upright in a chair and breathe deeply until all of the medicine is processed.

    Nebulizer Equipment

    A nebulizer is made up of a nebulizer cup, an air compressor and a mask. The compressor is usually operated on standard wall current, although portable compressors operated by battery are available.

    Conditions Treated by a Nebulizer

    Nebulizers are used to treat lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

    Nebulizer Precautions

    Nebulizers deliver higher doses of medicine than inhalers, increasing the possibility of adverse drug reactions. Pause the treatment if you become dizzy and continue after the dizziness has passed.


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