• Technology constantly provides us with new ways of sending information between devices. Text messaging has become a ubiquitous method of communication in modern American society. Not only can you send brief messages between two cell phones, you can usually send a text message from a computer to a cell phone, although it may depend on the cell phone carrier, plan and phone of the receiver.

    How to Send It

    You can send an SMS (Short Message Service) from a PC to a cell phone on a major carrier by using your email account. Simply send an email to the phone number of your recipient followed by the @ symbol and the domain of the recipient's carrier.

    Where to Send It

    As of January 2010, the domains for the most used carriers are for Verizon, for T-Mobile, for Virgin Mobile, for Cingular, for Sprint and for Nextel. For example, to send a text message from your computer to a Cingular customer, send an email to, where "xxxxxxxxxx" is the 10-digit phone number.

    Who Can Recieve It

    Your recipient must have text messaging capabilities on their particular cell phone. Some people will have to pay for each individual text message (usually around 20 cents each), while others have plans that give them a specified number of texts each month, or even unlimited messaging. If your recipient is on a carrier other than those listed above, she may still be able to receive messages in this manner. The carrier's customer service representatives will be able to tell you if so.


    Standard messaging rates will apply for the recipient of your text message. It is free for you to send the email.


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