• Radiologists are doctors who have chosen to specialize in medical imaging. Diagnostic radiology has several sub-specialties, including nuclear and pediatric radiology. Doctors can also specialize in radiation oncology and radiation physics.


    A four-year undergraduate degree and four-year medical degree are required.

    Additional Training

    A radiologist must also complete five years of clinical training. The first year may be in family practice, gynecology, internal medicine, another specialty or some combination. The other four years must be clinical training in a diagnostic radiology program.


    To be certified by the American College of Radiology, a radiologist must also pass several exams.

    Other Requirements

    Radiologists must also be certified in cardiac life support. Like all doctors, they must be certified by a state to practice medicine.

    Continuing Education

    Certification lasts 10 years. Radiologists must undergo continuing education and take additional exams to maintain certification.


    American Medical Association: Becoming a Physician

    American Board of Radiology: Initial Certification

    More Information:

    American Board of Radiology Initial Certification Information

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