• Playing music can be fun and rewarding, and there are now many ways to promote an artist's creations. Although many older methods remain effective, technology has opened up new ways to expose music to potential listeners.


    The Internet provides a number of ways for musicians to promote their work. Musicians can build their own website or use networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace to post and promote their songs.


    Giving free demos of songs and promotional posters to music stores can help expose more people to an artist's music.


    Playing songs at live music venues in front of crowds is a great way for musicians to spread the word about their music. Playing in venues with well-known musicians can expose a musician's work to even more people.


    Musicians can promote actively through music publications and even local newspapers. Reading about a musician can create interest among potential listeners.


    Posting fliers of upcoming live shows or album releases can help promote music from anywhere. Schools, churches and many businesses have bulletin boards where a musician can post fliers to gain familiarity.


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