• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Testimonials and Claims

    The Gazelle comes in three varieties: Gazelle Edge, Gazelle Freestyle and the Gazelle Sprintmaster. Information on the Tony Little website claims that each Gazelle provides a full-body cardio workout with little impact on joints and muscles. Testimonials on the website from customers claim that the machine has helped them lose weight and feel better. Review sites back up these claims, with owners reporting they became physically fit using the machine.

    On the Other: Lukewarm Reviews and Problems

    Reviews of the Gazelle models are mostly good, though owners have stated that the computer on the machines is not accurate. Customers report that the machine is good for people that are new to exercising, though experienced users find the workout too easy. Reviewers also point out that the machine is heavy and hard to move.

    Bottom Line

    The Gazelle models are good machines for novices, as the workout may be too easy for someone that is already well-toned. The low-impact design benefits users with sore joints or muscle problems. The Gazelle is best left in one place as it is heavy and hard to move, so it would make a good purchase for someone that has ample space for the equipment.


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