• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: One Size Fits All

    To be sure the overlay you choose will be an acceptable and good-looking fit for your tablecloth, a safe bet is to go with the one-size-fits-all kind of overlay. Many professional designers use the standard 72-inch square size that can be folded or fitted, or simply left loose on any size table or tablecloth, round or square.

    On the Other: Oversize Overlays

    Especially with a sheer overlay, any interior designers say it's best for an overlay to do just that: overlay. So you may want to choose an overlay that is just slightly larger than your tablecloth size. If the tablecloth is a round, 90 inch size, choose a round, 96 inch overlay, that will hang past the cloth a few inches on all sides.

    Bottom Line

    For a unique, and well-tailored look, many designers go for the custom-fit overlay that meets or extends past your cloth just a few inches. You can view the difference as something like buying a dress off-the-rack, or having one made to fit you.


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