• A health care administrator degree provides graduates with specialized training to manage a health care organization such as a hospital, clinic or physician group practice. Coursework focuses on general management principles, health economics, statistics, marketing and epidemiology, depending on the type of degree and the level of specialization.

    Bachelor's Degree

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that bachelor's degree programs in health administration are available at some large colleges and universities, as well as schools of public health, allied health or business.

    Master's Degree

    The American College of Healthcare Executives cites several types of master's degrees that focus their training or offer special courses on health care administration. Master's degrees that train health care administrators are available in health administration (MHA), business administration (MBA), public administration (MPA) and public health (MPH).

    Doctoral Degrees

    Advanced degrees beyond a master's program come in a variety of specialties, according to the American College of Healthcare Executives. Doctoral degrees in philosophy (PhD), business administration (DBA), health administration (DHA), public health (DrPH) and science (DSc) are available to provide specialty training in health care administration.


    According to the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, academic programs in health care administration are available in a variety of settings. Schools of business, medicine and nursing offer these degrees, as do graduate programs in public health, allied health and public administration.


    Choosing which type of degree and whether to specialize depends on a number of factors, according to the American College of Healthcare Executives. Individual career goals, job experience logged before obtaining additional training, and skills desired are all critical considerations.


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