• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: They Do Change Color

    Mood rings regularly change color. Liquid crystals fill the stones and often display different colors, from green to blue to black. These colors reflect mood, with amber meaning anxiety, green indicating a peaceful disposition and purple showing passion or happiness.

    On the Other: These Don't Really Reflect Mood

    These changes have little to do with mood. The liquid crystals inside either rise or fall depending on body heat and temperature, thus changing the color of the stone. While passion or stress may result in a change in body temperature, a warm room or a cold office building will affect a mood ring much more.

    Bottom Line

    Mood rings will regularly change color. They are essentially a liquid crystal thermometer that can be worn. Some emotions can increase or lower body temperature, affecting the liquid crystals inside the stone. However, exterior influences are far more likely to directly affect the temperature of the stone and, therefore, its color. There has not yet been any evidence that a specific mood will definitely change the color of a mood ring.


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