• Getting performance out of any internal combustion engine is simply a matter of recognizing what goes into making power in the first place. Power is largely generated through three basic components: air, fuel and a tiny explosion. The Mopar 383 is no different. The 383 was, and continues to be, a popular engine size for many hot rod enthusiasts. Getting more power from one is a process that can be as simple or as involved as the owner of the engine would like.

    More Air

    One of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase performance is to increase the volume and speed of air coming into and going out of your engine. Increasing air flow coming into your engine is as easy as installing a higher-flowing air filter over your carburetor. The stock air filters are very good at cleaning, yet are a huge restriction to feeding, your engine. Studies and testing have shown that high-performance air filters do no worse a job at cleaning, yet significantly increase airflow. The next simple step would be to increase flow coming out of your engine. Installing a less restrictive exhaust manifold, commonly called headers, helps a great deal. These simply bolt in to replace the stock manifold. Placing a high-flow catalytic converter, wider exhaust pipes and a high-flow muffler behind the headers will help ensure that this higher flow is maintained all the way down the exhaust piping. If these bolt-on options are not sufficient, there are also many others that involve widening exhaust and intake ports, wider throttle bodies, and more invasive and in some case irreversible work that can be done.

    More Fuel

    With more airflow, more fuel is necessarily needed to help maintain the proper air-to-fuel ratio, and increase performance. The stock equipment is sufficient for driving around town, but certainly isn't performance material. The first step here, which is also partly a "more air" step, is a higher-performance carburetor. Because this is essentially where the air and fuel mix, making sure that more of each mix, and mix in more exacting proportions, is essential. Using a higher-volume fuel pump is also an option. It does little good to have a higher-performance carb if the fuel pump simply can't get enough to it to make a difference. Along with this goes higher-flow fuel filters and fuel lines.

    More Spark

    Because raw air and fuel alone will not make an engine go anywhere without spark, it makes no sense to upgrade those without making sure you have the spark to back them up. Installing high-performance spark plugs is a decent start. These will have electrodes that are farther apart, resulting in a larger spark to coincide with the larger amounts of air and fuel. With these should also come wires capable of holding a higher charge. Also include a performance ignition coil and spark control, and an aftermarket distributor cap. These will all ensure that your electrical system is more than capable of providing more accurate, substantial spark to your already enhanced air and fuel flow.

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