• Therapeutic ultrasound therapy facilitates the healing of muscle and bone injuries and conditions that inhibit normal range of motion. Athletic trainers and sports medicine doctors use this therapy to treat sports injuries.


    Therapeutic ultrasound treatment is a nontoxic therapy with healing results proportional to the ultrasonic frequency used. According to the Darrow Wellness Institute, permanent healing changes occur with this therapy.


    Ultrasound waves pass through the skin to create heat and mechanical energy which the ultrasound technician uses to target the injured part of the body. The deeper the injury, the lower the ultrasound frequency used to treat it.


    An ultrasonic device is applied to skin in conjunction with a gel that acts as a conduit. Therapeutic ultrasound therapy pools use the same technology but use water as a conduit.


    According to the Darrow Wellness Institute, therapeutic ultrasound therapy increases circulation, relieves inflammation, relaxes muscles and decreases healing time.


    A trained technician must administer this treatment, or tissue damage may result.


    Darrow Wellness Institute: Therapeutic Ultrasound

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