• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Large Monitors and Small TVs Have Similar Sizes

    Monitor companies are making computer monitors larger to the point where they are encroaching into sizes that were previously reserved for televisions. Television manufacturers are making sets that are smaller than some monitors. You can't tell the difference based on size alone.

    On the Other: There Are Few Differences Between TVs and Monitors

    There are only two differences that matter for this question. A television is a monitor with a signal tuner built in so it can receive over the air broadcasts and cable TV signals if you don't have a box. Televisions use HDMI for digital signals while most computers use DVI.

    Bottom Line

    A 1080p television makes a good computer monitor if the video card can support a 1900x1080 resolution and the proper cable or adapter is used. Video cards are being manufactured with HDMI ports and so are laptop computers, especially ones designed for entertainment. If the computer has a DVI port then adapters or special cables can be used.

    Source: HDTV resolution explained

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