• Hair transplant procedures graft hair from other parts of the body onto the balding spots on an individual's scalp. This type of surgery is one of the best solutions for those looking for long-lasting hair growth.


    A properly performed hair transplant surgery should lead to permanent hair growth with little or no maintenance, according to University of Washington's Division of Dermatology.


    Sometimes, a patient who receives hair transplants experiences thinning hair within a few years of the surgery (as little as 3 years in some cases). Why this occurs remains unknown, but grafting on the affected areas resolves this issue, according to Dr. Alan Feller of Great Neck, NY.

    Grafts are Temporary

    The grafted hair from a transplant surgery always falls off within 2 to 4 weeks. Once this happens, permanent hair starts to grow in about 3 to 4 months at a rate of about a half inch per month.

    Ensure Success

    To make sure that the hair transplant properly grafts to the skin, patients should stay away from stressful physical activity for at least five days after surgery, rest for two days and wait to shampoo their hair for 24 hours.

    Choosing a Doctor

    The Hair Loss Learning Center recommends that people carefully research their hair transplant physician before electing to take this surgery. A good doctor should offer medication, such as Rogaine, in addition to the surgery, have several years of practice and dedicate a large portion of his day to make sure the patient's hair grows in naturally.


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