• Not all colleges offer a pre-medical curriculum. Generally, students from any undergraduate field can apply to medical school so long as they pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). It's a good idea to get some science courses under your belt, though.


    According to Johns Hopkins University, "Medical schools value the diversity these students (from other fields of study) bring to the class and many medical schools are creating special programs specifically designed to encourage students to pursue majors in humanities subjects."

    Expert Insight

    "All things being equal, I would predict that for example a poet who has ... done well enough in the pre-requisite courses and MCATs that we think he or she will be able to master our curriculum, is more likely to get admitted than a biochemistry major whose only evidence of excellence is good grades in college courses and high MCAT science scores," wrote Dr. David Nichols, vice dean for education at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

    Recommended Classes

    The typical pre-med courses that an undergraduate should take include one year of each of the following: organic chemistry with labs, general (inorganic) chemistry with labs, general biology with labs, physics (trigonometry or calculus based) with labs, English composition or literature, and calculus or statistical mathematics.

    Other Required Classes

    The pre-med student should also take at least one course each in biochemistry with a lab and a course in social sciences and humanities.


    While you can study abroad, pre-medical science courses taken abroad will generally not be accepted. Also, AP credits might not necessarily fulfill a medical school's pre-medical requirements. Check with your medical school of choice.


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