• Why look prettier when you can look sexy? That is, if you have it in you. :D
  • you dont have to , you already are
  • If you feel pretty from inside, then you look naturally attractive. Here are some tips you should follow to look good.
  • The right guy will love you for who you are, not reject you for what you look like. The guys who reject you are just narrowing down the list that points the way to the right one. Work on your mind, get good grades, get a good job. Then the guy who called you ugly will one day call you boss and you can call him FIRED! (just be sure and document 3 write ups first) O.K. that's immature, but sometimes it's fun to think about. What you really should do is work on your health and personality. Looks usually fade with time anyway and it's usually the "beautiful people" who put all they have into their looks and forget to work on their personality. They're the ones that are truly ugly and bitter in the end. And this may be just my opinion, but I think cursing and smoking both make you look like you have garbage coming out of your mouth. Most importantly be happy with who you are and smile! It truly makes you more beautiful. Be nice.
  • On the whole, the Bible places very little emphasis on one’s physical appearance or bodily shape. Rather, it’s the inner person that truly makes one either attractive or not in the eyes of God.—Proverbs 11:20, 22. 2. According to one reference work, the figurative heart stands for “the central part in general, the inside, and so for the interior man as manifesting himself in all his various activities, in his desires, affections, emotions, passions, purposes, his thoughts, perceptions, imaginations, his wisdom, knowledge, skill, his beliefs and his reasonings, his memory and his consciousness.” It represents what we really are on the inside, “the secret person of the heart.” (1 Peter 3:4) That is what Jehovah sees and examines. Hence, David could pray: “Create in me even a pure heart, O God, and put within me a new spirit, a steadfast one.” (Psalm 51:10)
  • You are beautiful already but what will make it even better is to put on a heart warming smile.
  • Looks aren't the only thing (makeup is silly) - try being friendly and sociable!
  • It starts from the inside with building self confidence. A few ways of building self confidence is by self affirmation, conquering a fear - doing something that scares you, it can be anything - just facing a fear and conquering it, helping others, caring for yourself with diet and exercise as well. Seemingly little things like that gradually increase self confidence, and you when have self confidence exuding from the inside, your entire self image will change.
  • youre already pretty and you shouldnt feel like youre ugly cause god dont nnake junk
  • Maybe aim for your league. Going for guys who are expecting you to look like a porn star is not your thing. It's important to remember that you're not looking for all guys to like you. You're just looking for the right guy to like you. You don't want a guy who just likes you when you look good - he'll ditch you when he finds someone better looking. What you want is a guy who likes you for what you are, not because of your money, looks or status.
  • You sound very young. So most of us feel ugly in our teens till we find ways to improve our looks. You say you can't wear makeup but don't say why. Maybe you don't know how? Or maybe you had an allergy to a makeup? But I assure you, YOU CAN WEAR MAKEUP! Buy Almay Hypoallergenic products and start small. Only buy concealer that matches or is a bit lighter than your skin tone. Experiment with putting it under eyes on dark circles, imperfections or acne scars. Blend into skin so edges don't show. Almay mascara could be added to this. And for weeks all you use is the concealer and mascara. No one will notice you are using it if you do it lightly. After a while if you want to try foundation you can get a BB cream as its skin tinted light , medium, or dark. Very easy to apply and good for your skin. Then ask one of your trusted family members for any suggestions for your hair. Maybe you need to grow it or have a trim or haircut. One other option is to go into a hair salon and just ask for suggestions from stylists. You can walk out and think about it for a while. You can also go to the makeup dept of a high end dept store and ask for a makeup expert to show you how to use different products. You are NOT Ugly!! I guarantee you are very pretty and just need to learn how to enhance your best features;)

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