• I would say one can't control who they love. And as you get older it becomes more acceptable. Nobody frowns on a 43 year old in a relationship with a 48 year old. But at 17 and 12 it is often times seen as inappropriate and in many places even illegal.
  • No, this is not okay in my opinion. Once the 17 year old turns 18 it is illegal and could result in sex charges and jail time. As a mother, I wouldn't allow my kids to date a 17 year old at 12. 12 years old is way too young to be sexually active or even dating honestly.
  • you need to wait till youre both 18 , otherwize one of you's is going to be underage and thats illegal
  • sure if it's your little brother or sister! But if you have sex it could end you up on the sex offender database EVEN IF YOU'RE BOTH STILL MINORS!
  • Society says, "No". The Bible has no problem as often young girls were betrothed younger and usually married by 12 to older men. Case in point, Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was 12 or 13 when she conceived; Joseph was in his 70's. Mary was Joseph's second wife after his first died. Mary most likely had step children older than herself.

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