• Reiki symbols are four symbols derived from Japanese kanji characters. Developed by Dr. Usui, these symbols have evolved over time to different forms. Many different symbols are now used in reiki by different practitioners. The symbols themselves are secret and are only revealed to higher level practitioners.


    The reiki symbols allow a practitioner to enhance his own energy and strengthen it to better perform actions such as healing and meditation.


    The symbols help a practitioner to focus. Each symbol has a specific meaning and visualizing a certain symbol allows one to focus on its aspects and energy.


    Some reiki practitioners use the symbols during their own meditation to heal themselves or another person from a distance. In addition to visualized, these symbols may be drawn or chanted.


    To many, reiki sacred symbols are the keys to the higher consciousness and a greater spiritual living. Meditating on these symbols may bring enlightenment, allowing the practitioner to use them more wisely to the greater good.

    Accessing the Source

    Many people believe that reiki symbols access the source of reiki and are not just symbols attached to subconscious meaning. As a result, these symbols often form the cornerstone of some reiki styles.


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