• Frontline Plus is an antiparasitic medication designed for cats and dogs. Applied to the skin monthly, Frontline Plus releases active ingredients fipronil and S-methoprene to kill and prevent a wide range of fleas and ticks from feeding for up to one month.


    Fipronil is an antiparasitic that kills adult fleas and ticks by overstimulating their nervous systems. When applied in large doses, fipronil has caused cancer in some rats.


    This insect growth regulator prevents the formation of flea eggs and larvae.

    Frontline Plus for Dogs

    Frontline Plus for Dogs contains fipronil 9.8 percent and S-methoprene 8.8% and is available in 0.67 mL applicators for puppies and dogs up to 22 lbs., 1.34 mL applicators for dogs between 23 and 44 lbs., 2.68 mL applicators for dogs between 45 and 88 lbs., and 4.02 mL applicators for dogs between 89 and 132 lbs.

    Frontline Plus for Cats

    Frontline Plus for Cats contains fipronil 9.8 percent and S-methoprene 11.8 percent and can applied safely with a 0.5 mL applicator to cats eight weeks or older.

    Side Effects

    The most common side effect is skin irritation at the application site, which usually fades after the initial application. Some dogs and cats are allergic to the active ingredients and can experience an allergic reaction to the product.

    Source: Frontline Plus for Dogs Fipronil and Methoprene Frontline Plus

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