• A refurbished item on eBay is any product that may be new or used, but has been re-manufactured and repackaged to like-new condition. Most manufacturers or sellers offer refurbished items at discounted prices.


    Some refurbished items may contain small scratches or cosmetic blemishes, while others appear brand new. Most refurbished products are still in like-new condition due to the rigorous inspection and reassembly the item should have undergone.


    Items for sale that state "2nds" or "blemishes" usually refer to refurbished goods. Terms such as "reconditioned" and "re-manufactured" also imply that an item has been refurbished.


    Refurbished items are not always ones that are used returns. Refurbished may simply indicate that the item is in new condition but has been re-received for minor reasons, such as missing manuals or duplicate purchases.


    A refurbished item is usually sold for much less than its suggested retail price. Consider purchasing refurbished home electronics, furniture or other expensive items to save money.


    Purchasing a refurbished item may be a one-shot deal, meaning that no refunds, warranties or exchanges are offered. Buy with caution to avoid receiving a refurbished item that lacks the quality or function of one that is brand new. Check with the seller to determine how and why the item was refurbished.

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