• A statement of work for teachers refers to a document outlining the goals and objectives, time frame, rules, budget and number of people involved in the development and functioning of a project. The statement also refers to a highly detailed job description as well as teaching philosophy.


    This document is used by educational services to outline specific guidelines for the achievement of an objective. The teacher statement of work is issued to an organization or a group of teachers for the execution of a teaching project.

    Contractual Agreement

    This form of the teacher statement refers to a contractual agreement of an educational endeavor between one or more educational institutions and a commercial venture. In 2008, for example, Memphis City Schools entered into such a contract with the time-management company of EBiz Solutions.


    EBiz Solutions was responsible for ensuring timely proper coding of all teacher work hours and pay days. The company agreed to conduct onsite project-consult meetings and technical-oriented workshops.

    Job Descriptions

    This teacher statement of work can entail the job function, responsibilities, administrative duties and community service expectations. The statement can also include work hours, time sheet procedures and delegated duties.

    Teaching Philosophy

    The teaching philosophy statement refers to the beliefs, values and opinions of the teacher.


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