• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Antique vs. Modern Tool

    A bench plane is a tool used to level and shape wood, or even plaster in a mold. Historically, bench planes were made of wood with a steel blade. In modern times, an iron body was developed. The iron tool has a blade-depth adjustment function that is more accurate and easier to use than adjusting the blade on a traditional wood plane.

    On the Other: Wood Works Just as Well

    A wooden bench plane is just as functional and does as good a job shaping wood as more modern iron planes.

    Bottom Line

    For pure functionality, the iron bench plane is a more useful tool because it is easier to manipulate and adjust. However, if you have a passion for working with antique tools, go with the wood plane.


    Craftsman Studio: Bench Planes

    More Information:

    The Society of Preservation and Study of American Wooden Planes

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